Botox Time?

When I find collaborative rating projects, I ask myself, “What are the practical implications of the collected datasets?” Unlike Am I Hot and its many bastard children, serving only to bolster or more likely ruin one’s self esteem, The Age Project immediately presented me with two practical applications. Teenagers can photograph themselves in various looks attempting to be “older” and use the ratings to find out which look is best for when they try to purchase liquor or get into clubs and lack the requisite fake ID. (Of course your children would never do such a thing, I mean those other bad children you’ve never met that likely live several states away from you and your progeny.)
Secondly, those in the 35-50 range can forego the overlighting they tend to favor when taking pics to trade in personals and chat and take a realistic photo so they can try to schedule that eye lift or some Botox injections if the results are too dire. If nothing else, it might cut down on the number of “I’m 42, but I look 26” posting openers on Craigslist.

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