Bush: too rigid. Kerry: too limp.

The Los Angeles Times released a new presidential poll that pushes Democratic hopeful and incredibly dull candidate John Kerry out front 51% to 44%.
Results show this isn’t because the country suddenly finds Kerry to be an effevescent powerhouse ready to take the reins. Rather, it appears that people are less happy about the direction the country is going—to the tune of three-fifths of those polled who said the country is on the wrong track.
The good news for Bush? The poll shows that he’s the guy people would trust to keep the country safe from terrorists, and that Kerry’s a bigger flip-flopper on the issues.
On the other hand, Bush was seen as being “too ideological and stubborn” (or, not flip-floppy enough) by 58%, while only 16% would describe Kerry that way.
“Best hair” and “Most likely to run down an orphan in an SUV” were not on the docket, curiously.

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