It’s O So Quiet

Sorry about the lack of updates today, no excuse, really. Can’t speak for the rest of the gang, I’m sure they’ve all got their own worlds to conquer and so forth.
Well, okay, small excuse: I sat at home awaiting Macy’s to come haul away my old, smelly, stained, icky mattress and replace it with a huge, comforting, better mattress. And the anticipation was so, you know, fraught with excitement and fear (as is everything in life, if you do it right) I couldn’t roam the Web looking for new crap to tell you about.
Also, we took advantage of the new pricing policy that our friends at Movable Type instigated yesterday and we’re running on MT3.0D as you read this, meaning all you TypeKey users can now take advantage of whatever the hell TypeKey is good for.
Meanwhile, I’m reading all about Blog People and finding it amazingly interesting and scary as hell. I mean… really? You’re all reading other people’s opinions and accepting it as fact? You believe everything you read online because we’re more trustworthy and honest?

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