Nanook-of-the-North Boots (and knocking them)

Despite that there is no change in my patrician fa�ade, I can assure you my heart is breaking. Isaac Mizrahi is at it again, and he seems to have discovered the secret of my fashion success.
I am a well-cultured denim snob, but I�m not so much of a label-whore that I won�t admit one of my sexiest pairs of jeans are my Gap 1969 Originals (from the August 2002 collection). Throw on a Paul Smith shirt and a bit of G-Star outerwear and the result: shabby-chic meets urban-street � and on a budget!
You gotta hand it to the man, though. One of my most entertaining shopping experiences of 2003 was viewing the Mass-Mizrahi Collection at the Target Boutique in Rockefeller Center — entertaining not for the fashions, but for the clientele. It was a couture China Syndrome of Jersey-hair and Brooklyn-boobs approaching critical mass and darn near meltdown.
One word (used appropriately for once): Hot!

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