Weekend Regurge

Clinton blows a load at the Beeb; NYTimes says new book sucks a big one
Former President Bill Clinton, on a worldwide unending press junket to promote his upcoming book, “My Life (of Debauchery),” lost his cool during an interview with BBC correspondent David Dimbleby after the reporter asked, “so, uh, Monica Lewinsky? Really? I mean, you’re the President of the United States and can probably get any tail you want and… Monica Lewinsky? Honestly?”
Meanwhile, The New York Times proclaimed that the 957-page book in question “is sloppy, self-indulgent and often eye-crossingly dull.” In addition to subjecting the reader to every moment of his life, from growing up in Arkansas as a poor black child to the many Sausage McMuffins he’s enjoyed over the years (as opposed to the sausages he’s put in other’s muffins), the fellatio fan’s memoirs entirely fail to explain the biggest unanswered mystery of all: Hillary’s hair.

Lack of same-sex opposition worries same-sex opposition; New Kerry supporters limp?
Church pews are a little too quiet to suit foes of gay marriage, and they’re hoping the suddenly scheduled congressional vote on July 12th regarding a Constitutional amendment with heat things up. Senate Majority Leader Tom “I’ll Do Anything for Pussy” Frist claimed that the timing of the vote was coincidental with the upcoming Democratic Convention and is not (only) a way of pointing a finger at John Kerry, who was one of only 14 senators to vote against the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.
Even though Kerry has announced his support for a constitutional amendment in his home state of Massachusetts to ban gay marriage, the Human Rights Campaign endorsed the all-but-nominated Democratic hopeful on Friday. Several other gay rights groups called the action pandering, submissive and sort of sexy in a passive, servile way.
A private space; a different space race
Paul Allen’s US$30 million investment may finally pay off on Monday, when The White Knight takes off from the Mojave desert with SpaceShipOne in tow.
The launch target is two-fold; become the first privately built, manned flight into space (or, more accurately, 62 miles into the sky and the edge of space), and to win the US$10 million X-Prize as the first successful craft to do so. Not to mention the future possibilities of further space flights involving paying passengers.
Back on Earth, the race for offering the most email space will heat up as HotMail explains its plans to contend with Google’s free 1GB GMail service, and Yahoo’s US$20-per-year 2GB email inbox. Microsoft is staying mum on how much is enough, one wonders if they can overcome bad user experiences in the face of all this competition and stay relevant.
Stiller hits Spielberg with both balls; Archbishop of Springfield?
Weekend box office results reflected the nations mood to hit things and inflict personal damage as the Ben Stiller super-hyped comedy “Dodgeball” out-grossed The Steven Spielberg-Tom Hanks character-study-slash-exercise-in-boredomThe Terminal,” by US$12 million on a relatively slow movie weekend.
While more than a few people have been asking “is Ben Stiller over?”, the audiences seem to have answered with a resounding “No!”
And will the Archbishop of Canterbury be visiting Springfield? Reports out of Britain suggest that the head of the world’s 70 million Anglicans may appear in cartoon form on The Simpsons. The show has never shied away from religion, so it’s no surprise that the show has invited one of the world’s spiritual leaders on.

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