My body, my toxic waste dump

The Environmental Working Group thinks it’s important for you to know just what’s in that lotion you’re dumping all over your tender, exposed skin. So they’ve developed a 10-point scale (10 being “oh my God, my flesh is burning!”) and a search engine for you to plug in your favorite brand of personal grooming aid to see just how badly it’s fucking you up.
You can search product categories (i.e. Oral Care), then narrow that down to individual types of products (i.e. Toothpaste), and get a list of all the products in their inventory, from the most toxic (i.e. Zooth Cat in the Hat Value Pak at 7.4) to the least (a three-way tie between some Tom’s of Maine products at 2.9). Clicking on an individual brand lists the supposed safety concerns for that product (i.e. American Crew Pliable Molding Creme for Men gives you cancer!).
Yay! Another reason to be scared of everything, everything in the whole world! Yay!

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