Virgina is for heterosexual lovers

Fearing that the general erosion of all things decent and moral can be tracked directly to the egregious trend of allowing same-sex couples the same rights as wierd-sex couples, the state of Virginia’s We Really Hate Fags law goes into effect on July 1st, effectively stripping homosexuals in love from, well, everything really.
The problem is.. well, the problem is that this is all so stupid but we’ve discussed that endlessly already. The central problem is that the bill’s language bans any “partnership contract or other arrangement between persons of the same sex purporting to bestow the privileges or obligations of marriage.” Which could be interpreted to mean, like, powers of attourney, wills, leases and even joint bank accounts.
Not to worry, though. Virginia’s neighbor to the north, Philadelphia, absolutely loves the gays–or at least, their travel dollars. The city of brotherly love has started a million-dollar TV and print ad campaign designed to draw pink dollars to Pennsylvania, with the promise that you’ll “get your history straight, and your nightlife gay.” Wink, wink.
Just don’t expect to buy a marriage license with those homobucks; Pennsylvania state law defines marriage as between one man and one woman, calls same-sex marriage “repugnant to our public policy,” and does not legally recognize any otherwise-type marriages from other states.

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