Car couture

Today’s cars, with rare exception, are uniformly dull to look at. Car companies have, of late, been driven by public demand to produce more individual lines, but they usually harken back to earlier designs (with varying degrees of success) rather than create something radical, new and beautiful.
‘Twas not always thus. Consider this slideshow of classic French automotive design that accompanies the current exhibit French Curves: The Automobile as Sculpture at The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles (because where else would you put a museum for cars?).
There was a time when chassis builders handmade the swooping, teardrop forms for wealthy patrons, because the French, as always, wanted their cars to reflect their personal tastes. You can still find some fairly individual autos out there, not to mention wheels of another sort to reflect your tastes, but we long for the day when “affordable” doesn’t necessarily mean “ordinary“.

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