The see-through time-telling bridge

If you want to see the only piece of architecture created by Santiago Calatrava on the U.S. West Coast, you’ll have to go to the small community of Redding and walk across The Sundial Bridge, spanning some salmon spawning beds across the Sacramento River. The US$23.5million pedestrian crossing links the two halves of the Turtle Bay Museums and Arboretum.
The bridge, 8 years in construction and built from mostly private funding, is composed of 2,240 non-skid glass panels that allow light to the water below so the salmon don’t suddenly go, “Brrr! Shit, why’s it so cold here? No fucking way I’m laying any eggs now.” The bridge is underlit by 210 lights and contains more that 600,000 pieces of white tile imported from the architect’s home nation of Spain. It’s called the Sundial Bridge because the support span operates as a giant sundial on a plaza before the bridge.

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