iPod, uPod, EveryonePod.

Way back when, Apple head honcho Steve “Black Turtlenecks Go With Everything” Jobs presented a brand new product that he said would alter the face of the tech world and improve Apple’s fortunes. It was… an MP3 player. I thought to myself, “That’s it? That’s all? What the hell has he been smoking?” This is why I write for this rag for no money rather than run a corporation and “think big.”
Apple’s third quarter profit more than tripled, mostly because their music-based revenue (iPod+iTunes) grew 162%. They also sell computers.
Apple is slowly but surely turning itself from a profitless, commodity-based computer/tech company into an entertainment company, bridging the digital gap (not my phrase) from hardware to homeware one song at a time.
The vision of Bill Gates seething as he looks at his MSN Wrist Net watch is somehow so soothing.

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