Apple polishes the ‘Pod

Apple released iPod v4 today, slimming the case, cleaning up the user interface and pumping up the available juice in its latest iconic portable music library. While still available only in virgin white, the latest iPod adopts the mini iPod all-in-one “Click Wheel” input, gains 4 more hours of battery life and drops its price by US$100 on both the 20Gb and 40Gb model.
If we graph these generational changes out, that means that in 2010, the iPod will be the size of a postage stamp, have a 4Tb storage capacity (1,000,000 songs or the entire contents of “My Life” by Bill Clinton), listen directly to your thoughtwaves to change songs or build lists, use solar power for a virtually inexhaustable amount of uptime and Apple will pay you to own it.

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