Cher, Chastity, Cho & Cumming, Ltd.

MTV announced a partial line-up of eth shows it will be offering on its new gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender entertainment network, LOGO, which starts pumping programs onto the airwaves next February 17th.
Predictably, Cher gets her own show on which she and her lesbian daughter will talk about what it’s like being Cher and her lesbian daughter, gay icon but not-gay herself Margaret Cho will crack one-liners about fisting on her own series, Alan Cumming will parade about in a musical cabaret (perhaps based on the musical “Cabaret?”) and there will be not one but two gay marriage shows and a reality program taking place on a big gay cruise.
No word yet on how they’ll fit in RuPaul, Kathy Nijimi, Bette Midler, Barry Manilow, John Waters, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and every other gay cliché. But there’s still time.

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