Same-sex marriage: the sleeping giant

If you thought the brouhaha about who gets to be married and who doesn’t has gone away in light of the recent constitutional amendment defeat, think again. Both sides in the debate have hundreds of millions of dollars and an equal number of supporters waiting in the wings to keep the heat on this issue built up.
The lines are clearly drawn, and built largely upon the same battlegrounds as the long-fought abortion rights campaigns. Inreasingly, and predictably, the Republicans are pro-life, anti-gay and the Democrats are pro-choice, pro-gay. And although Christian groups can out-spend gay rights groups by about 5-to-1, high-profile celebrity star power tends to lean (unsurprisingly) on the homo side.
This emotional and volatile issue is quickly becoming this year’s abortion, rallying troops to declare which side they’re on; Same-sex marriage is the new black.

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