The Real Apple battle

Apple was like, “Dude, that is so not right! We totally built this thing and we totally get to call what totally goes on it!” And then Real was like, “Whoa, hold up. Like, we can put on it what we want to since, like, we bought it, yo, and we get to say what goes on it.”
And so it goes. Who gets to control the iPod, the company that makes it and the software that supports it, or the people who bought it and may want to put other stuff on it whether or not daddy says it’s okay? Apple now says it’ll probably break the connection Real built into its Harmony software with the next hardware upgrade for iPod. Real says, hey, whatever, we’ll probably just fix the broken bits again, you big baby.
Most analysts agree that Apple has little to fear from Real’s incursion, since very few people actually use Harmony. But it’s also agreed that if Apple does nothing, they risk having their 50%+ share of the digital music arena whittled away by others–particularly Microsoft, the one big player that has yet to make their presence felt.

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