Lies, deceit & innuendo

The Guardian Online details the nasty tricks employed in the Presidential campaigns to, among other things, call Kerry a coward and Bush a philandering abortionist.
Currently, the Republicans are under fire from several directions regarding a misleading TV ad that says Kerry doesn’t deserve his Purple Hearts and that none of his men really trusted him on that boat in Vietnam, even though none of the men in the ad were on his boat with him and that many of the accusations have been proven untrue.
But the best twist is the rumored rumor pre-emptive rebuttal. RNC chairman Ed Gillespie took a fact (Moby told the NY Daily News that spreading anti-Bush gosip on Internet chat boards would be easy) and made it into a false rumor (Kerry operatives intend to smear Bush in pro-life chat rooms by saying that he drove a former girlfriend to a clinic and paid for her abortion) so that the allegation of dirty tricks that never happen make the opposing side look bad. In essense, campaigning dirty to make the other side look like their campaining dirty when they’re really not.
And the dance goes on…

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