Don’t quote me boy, I ain’t said sh*t.

The look that was popular among homeboys of all stripes a few years back of droopy khakis and oversize blue shiirts open that the bottom and buttoned at the throat topped with hairnets on the noggin was made popular by the Latin Kings in L.A. and evolved to finesse the “gangsta” look – no belt, no shoelaces, was standard prison fare, and the style gave the kids a certain kind of out on parole look they felt enhanced their cred.
Now, you can get the finest garments the prison system has to offer without having to work so hard to cultivate your prison yard style, and the only card the boyz in the hood will punch to make it yours is your AmEx.
Of course, if you fancy yourself a law maker rather than a law breaker, you can always try to play on Team Delta…

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