When is a T-shirt not just a T-shirt?

Urbanwear is any line of expensive T-shirts and warm-up suits usually designed, sold and worn in prodominantly black communities of Washington DC. T-shirts can cost up to $100 each, and up until a few months ago, everyone was fine with that.
Then, a new line, Visionz, appeared out of nowhere offering the same quality and style of Urbanwear that everyone was buying for lots of money, only it didn’t cost so much. The line, predictably, exploded.
This was an unhappy development for those others making Urbanwear, so they decided to run a grassroots flyer campaign to educate the black community that the man responsible for Visionz is a man called Jung Won Kang, A korean businessman who, it also turns out, was already manufacturing all the other lines at his factory and decided, hey, this looks easy, I’ll start my own line using the same materials and undercut the competition.
That’s when things turned ugly.

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