Cute… and Evil!

With the rapid expansion of Six Apart — the company responsible for Moveable Type and TypePad — and their hiring of a handful of old-school, A-list bloggers, the perfectly natural assuption is that they’re up to no good. And so the blogosphere — never a group to be carried away by rumor or incomplete thinking — is obligated subject them to a good, hard fisking.
Welcome to the First Annual Six Apart Crack-Pot Conspiracy Theory Contest!
In the comments below, post your theories about what nefarious plans — obvious to anybody with eyes to see them — Six Apart has for the blogosphere. Are the new hires expected to use their PageRank to pimp the company line? Are influential critics being silenced with a paycheck? Are open source developers being corraled into proprietary work? Will future versions of MT — the software that powers Instapundit — automatically alter posts to reflect the Trott’s liberal bias?
Well, duh.

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