Self-inflicted wounds

I missed last night’s Hardball on MSNBC, but it sounds like it was quite a romp. The featured guest was Michelle Malkin, recent author of a book saying the Japanese camps internment wasn’t that bad (her book has been thoroughly debunked as crap). She was on the show defending the Swift Boat Veterans book. This review of the show highlights the problems Matthews had with Malkin’s phrase “Kerry’s self-inflicted wounds.” It’s a ridiculous phrase and does in fact sound like Kerry’s opponents are suggesting he hurt himself, possibly on purpose. When pressed for what she really thought, Malkin never answers directly, attributes everything said to the book and not her, but refuses to answer the very basic question. She has a blog too, and tries to show the story from her side, as if she was ambushed by host with an agenda.
Personally, I can’t see how it is anything but slimeball politics. The Swift Boat Veterans group has been tossing quite a bit of harsh accusations around, and when someone appears on a show to defend them and refuses to answer a simple question or even explain the reasoning or evidence behind it, things get ugly. My only hope is that people voting this November take the time to read up on any of the Swift Boat group’s accusations themselves (here is their story, here is a debunker site).
When you boil all this down, in the end we’re comparing a guy that went to Vietnam for 4 months and talks it up a bit much versus someone that avoided it completely. I think war veterans will vote who they believe will do a better job in the future while the rest of us are going to forget this entire he-said-she-said smear campaign.

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