Jerkass bosses for Bush

A few days ago, an Alabama paper broke a story about a boss from hell. Lynne Gobbell put a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker on her car and was told to “remove the sticker off my car or I was fired.” If you read the article you’ll also hear about how bossman Phil Geddes added pro-Bush flyers to employee paychecks, just to remind every employee how great Bush was. Gobbell took offense at being told who to vote for, or being force to remove something off her car.
In a matter of moments, the bumper sticker controversy escalated to this ultimatum from her manager: “I reckon you’re fired. You could either work for him or John Kerry.”
So she left, but yesterday got a call from John Kerry himself, who said “You let him know you’re working for me as of today.”
That’s pretty kickass. [via Vidiot]

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