Sample behavior

NWA took a 1.5 second, three-note sample from Funkadelic’s “GetOff Your Ass and Jam,” remixed it into an unrecognizable version of itself and inserted it in their song, “100 Miles and Runnin’.” They did not pay it, figuring a 1.5 second, three-note sample was not a “legally cognizable appropriation.” Last April, they were sued and lost the case.
Now, the man who brought us Grey Tuesday brings us 3 Notes and Runnin, wherein you take the sample and create your own legal work (it counts as fair use and parody, in this case) from it, as an act of protest against having to pay for every teeny, tiny, weensy little piece of music anyone ever wants to use from someone else’s recording.
So far there are 41 30-second entries. Mix it up, kids!

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