Speech impediments

Slate details the case of a man who’s been protesting what he sees as the nation’s wrongs since 1969–only now he faces the strongest foe of all: the United States Secret Service. Using little-know provisions and strong-arm tactics, Bush’s not-so-secret police are detaining, jailing and fining almost anyone who isn’t a pro-President supporter all in the name of “fighting terrorists at home.”
From the mother of a slain soldier wearing an anti-war T-shirt at a Laura Bush speech, to the man visiting a deli on his bike at the wrong time during the Republican Convetion in NYC, people are being threatened, forcibly removed from public spaces and detained for hours at a time without benefit of legal council–and these aren’t Guantanamo Bay captives. And when was the last time a suicide bomber announced his or her presence with a sign proclaiming “No War For Oil”?
Welcome to Fear Nation. Now shut up before we shut you up.

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