Pretzel logic

Turns out I’m not crazy after all. Slate’s William Saletan details the victories of George Bush–or, rather, how the Bush administration manages to turn every defeat into a victory using the logic of mass distraction.
When are tax breaks a good idea? All the time! When the economy is good, we can afford to give money back. When the economy sucks, putting money back into our pockets means we’ll spend it ruthlessly and drive the economy forward–even if we’re unemployed!
And we’re really winning in Iraq, even if it looks like we’re losing, because when we’re winning then they fight harder to defeat us, so even though we have to give up cities and the troops keep on dying and there doesn’t seem to be any point to any of it, really we’re winning because they wouldn’t be fighting so hard if they were winning.
See how simple it all is?

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