The “I said so” offense

Predictably, and because at this stage there’s really nothing else he can say, George “It’s Hard Work” Bush said that the report that says there was really no impending reason to invade Iraq proves that there was an impending reason to invade Iraq.
Here’s how White House Logic works: “Forget about us saying that there are WMDs poised to fire on Israel and our other allies in the Middle East, and that there’s an immediate threat, because there was a threat, only it wasn’t necessarily immediate, and also he intended to ignore sanctions again, apparently, if we look into the possible future from a backwards perspective.
“Over 1,000 American soldiers are dead, maybe 13 times that number in Iraqi casualties, both insurgent and innocent, we’ve tarnished our reputation before our allies and the United Nations, built a war on a bedrock of falsehoods and spent somewhere between $120 billion and $200 billion… but it was all worthwhile, because the world’s a better place without Saddam Hussein.
“I won’t mention any other national leaders who may also be in charge of dictatorships or building actual WMDs at this stage, because it just muddies the water. Instead, remember that John Kerry is a wishy-washy man who’s legacy of votes in the Senate proves he would not have gone to war, and also that any country who didn’t support the war was probably corrupt and working with Iraq behind our back.”

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