Yay, more bad news about the environment! According to the United Nations, people need a minimum of 50 liters of water per day for drinking, washing, cooking and sanitation. But in 1990 over 1 billion people didn’t have that.
And things are getting worse.
Global overconsumption, pollution, overpopulation and the popularization of the “Western Style” of living (i.e. eating beef) are all contributing to a coming H²O disaster.
Currently, a sub-Saharan subsists on about 20 liters per day, the average European makes ends meet on 250 to 350 liters, and the gluttons of the world, us Americans, somehow require 600 liters a day–12 times the UN’s minimum requirement–to keep our underthings all white and clean and pretty.
If we keep depleting ground water supplies and don’t change how we use water, millions of people around the world will be dead from dehydration over the coming decades.

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