Meanwhile, in Europe…

The U.S. is not the only place with election year drama. The incoming President of the European Commission was forced to remove the name of a Catholic Italian conservative for the post of justice commissioner or possibly lose the vote to head the European Paliament.
José Manuel Durão Barroso wanted Rocco Buttiglione on his team, but the man’s views that homosexuality is a sin and that women should stay home and raise children has caused members of the European assembly to say no, uh-uh, no way, forget it, that dog won’t hunt.
The move, however, opens two problems in the European community. Jockeying for a replacement among the member nations could take more than a month, and the Catholic Church is unlikely to look favorably on the rejection of one of its own. Still, the open cabinet post is unlikely to delay signing of the European Union Constitution.

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