When to Pee, What to Expect

Edison Research has published this extrememly handy guide on how to watch the election results, including which part of the hour to take bathroom breaks. Now this is helpful, I just hope my bladder is ready to adhere to the schedule. The better the Dems do, the slower I’ll be drinking, and the better my chances, I guess. Also included is this handy guide to what they call “top of the hour action.”

As most people know, a candidate needs 270 Electoral Votes to claim the Presidency. The poll closing times roll out as follows:
7:00 PM – 58 Electoral Votes
7:30 PM – 40 EVs
8:00 PM – 171 EVs
8:30 PM – 6 EVs
9:00 PM – 159 EVs
10:00 PM – 20 EVs
11:00 PM – 81 EVs
1:00 AM – 3 EVs

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