Oh, God

What was the deciding factor for most Americans who got up off they asses and/or sent in their absentee ballots on time and voted? Nope, not the economy. Not terrorism, either. Not even Iraq. It was religion.
Abortion, gay marriage and stem cell research stand on higher ground with this electorate than any other issue, and Bush’s campaign made the most of it. Or perhaps they made the issue an issue–either way, a lot of the credit for Kerry’s defeat goes to a grassroots Republican door-to-door effort to scare the population into believing that America would go to hell in a flaming handbasket if George W. was not returned to office as had been ordained in the Bible. Or something like that.
Anyway, forget everything you learned in civics class and forget about the trivial issues like employment, the environment, world peace, intelligence and thoughtfulness. It’s all about the Jesus.

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