I really hate Apple

Well, the cluetrain has left the station, and Apple wasn’t on board. They’re basically saying that they went ahead and reviewed their products for you, and guess what? … they’re all GREAT! So, go ahead and throw them a bone; write your own review (which they will then edit and/or reject).
Let me offer a full disclaimer: I have never owned a mac, so most of my anti-Apple sentiment comes from the horrendous experience I’ve had with my iPod (the 40G one that came out last xmas — you know, the one with the hyper-sensitive buttons, zero battery life, and shoddy hard drive). These problems aside, I could have become an Apple loyalist had the company even acknowledged that my problems were valid and tried to fix them; but no, getting service on an iPod is like getting Microsoft to come to you house to fix the spyware that IE allowed to infect your machine.
Before I owned an iPod, I remember a frustrating conversation with an avid design-cult iconoclast. He said: “An iPod is just a small hard-drive in white box — that’s it!” I defended Apple, “No! it is so much more: it has great industrial design, great user-centered software, great versatility, and great Apple support.” Now that I own one, I am more than willing to eat crow. He was right. The value I believed I was buying (at a premium price!) was just a brand lie.

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