They control the horizontal. They control the vertical.

Howzabout this: The U.S. Sentae might vote on the Intellectual Property Protection Act in its lame duck session and put into law several new copyright restrictions that restrict your rights over someone else’s copyright.
Like what? Like you could still “use technology” to skip “objectionable content” like gore and sex in videos, but not to skip commercials via TiVo or commercials “that would otherwise be performed or displayed before, during or after the performance of the motion picture,” like those annoying previews in some DVDs (Hello, Disney!).
And also, videoing a film in a theatre could cost you 3 years in prison, and it would actively curtail the long-standing fair use doctrine that allows you and mostly me to use pieces of other people’s junk to make fun of other people’s junk. Fuck you, Mickey Mouse!

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