FCC pressuring TV to turn into Pleasantville

The FCC is on an “indecency” tear lately, making network television and radio nervous about anything they broadcast being remotely construed as racy. In today’s chapter of this ever-expanding book, the NFL, ABC, and Disney have apologized profusely for a goofy skit that preceded Monday Night Football’s 9PM show, where a woman in a towel drops her towel and hugs a player. Sounds racy right? A hot nekkid woman and a football star ready to get it on!
But here’s the rub: only her back was shown on camera and I’m guessing the towel drop was merely suggested in the skit. In the article, a FCC stooge claims a fine would follow if they get a rash of complaints, as a thinly veiled call to arms for prudes everywhere. Outlaw the back! For the children! I think I saw a birthmark! Aaaayyyeee!!!

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