The TiVolution will be advertised

TiVo, savior of many a TVholic for its ability to FFWD past all those horrible commercials for tampons, Viagra, soup, cars, beer, TGI Fridays and beds made of space foam, announced that it will soon superimpose ad banners when subscribers are attempted to avoid ads altogether.
In a likely attempt to avoid legal fights and placate Wall Street and TV networks–not to mention start a new revenue stream for the unprofitable company–TiVo will allow viewers to “opt in” to the banners and then forward the viewer’s contact info to the advertiser so they can get even more useless, ugly and annoying direct marketing.
By 2005, TiVo will also roll out “couch commerce,” allowing TiVoees to purchase goods and services via the TiVo peanut-remote.

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