Barbecued chips

There won’t be a Playstation 3 until 2006, and we won’t get a look at it until next year, but Sony (along with partners Toshiba and IBM) released a few stats on the the PS3 chip today, and if this vaporware makes it to market, it’s a hell of a powerhouse that’ll end up inside workstations, HDTVs and a whole host of new products that need extra horsepower to keep cranking out the pixels.
The Cell chip will be 10 times more powerful than existing processors, able to handle 16 trillion floating point operations per second. The consortium was formed in March of 2001 announcing that it would build a “supercomputer on a chip.” More details will be announced at a tech meeting next year, including (hopefully) how they plan on cooling the sucker so it doesn’t melt the motherboard.

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