8 isn’t enough

Tommy “Tom Thomas Tom-Tom” Thompson is the latest Bush cabinet member to resign, making the tally so far 8 out of 15 who’ve decided to opt out of Stage 2 of the George W. Christ agenda. Thompason, known as “Tommy Tom Tom Tom Tom Tommy Tomas Tom Tommy Tom” to his friends, was head of Health and Human Services, a department that will be renamed “pay for your own damned medicine, you ne’er do well layabouts!”
In a related move, Jesus Bush named former NYC police commissioner Bernard Kerik to replace outgoing head of Homeland Security (to be renamed Department of Color Bars with No Meaning) Tom Tommy Tom-Tom Thomas Tomarino Ridge.
No word yet on whether anyone has managed to pry the clawed, Satan-like fingers of Donald Rumsfeld from his desk at the Department of Defense, even though the man is responsible for countless blunders including having no pull-out plan for Iraq and placing his own face on Mount Rushmore.

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