Sony baloney

Irina Slutsky works at the rebirthed Red Herring, chasing down tech-related stories and reporting them back to you and me. When Jason Kottke was threatened by Sony with a lawsuit if he didn’t remove a small audio clip of Ken Jen losing on Jeopardy, it became news. So she did what any good journalist would do, she tried to go to the source to get a comment from Sony.

Irina: Hi, I’d like to speak to someone who can comment on Sony lawyers asking Jason Kottke to take down the audio of the season’s last episode on Jeopardy, the one that ends Ken Jennings’ winning streak?
Sony Sarah: I don’t know anything about that.
Irina: May I speak to someone who does?
Sony Sarah: No.
Irina: Why not?
Sony Sarah: We’re not going to comment on that.
Irina: I thought you said you didn’t know anything about it.
Sony Sarah: Well, it doesn’t matter because no one here is going to comment on it anyway.

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