Fuck the vote

Last month, voters in 11 states said they would prefer if homosexuals in love were denied the right to marry. They preferred it so much, in fact, that they wanted it written into their state constitutions. So is that bastion of weirdness and liberal leanings, California, going to be any different?
We will soon see. San Francisco Democratic (as if that had to be stated) Assemblyman Mark Leno of San Francisco introduced AB19 yesterday, a bill to legalize same-sex marriage.
Coincidentally (or maybe not), two Republicans (as if that had to be stated) also introduced a bill calling for a state constitutional amendment not only outlawing gay marriage, but also stripping gay couples of any domestic partnership rights whatever. Se. Bill Morrow of Oceanside said the amendment is needed because “the institution of marriage is under attack in California.” The fact that it’s been under attack by different-sex couples living together in sin has apparently gone unnoticed.
Leno’s fellow Democrats aren’t all behind him, as it were, with many saying this is the wrong time and the wrong issue to push. Leno’s reaction: If not now, when? Still, gay rights activists fear a backlash and wonder if now is the time.
Prompted by lawsuits stemming from the marriages of thousands of same-sex couples in February, a San Francisco Superior Court judge is scheduled to rule on December 22nd whether the state’s current ban on gay marriage is constitutional.

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