Fundamental state of thing

If you thought the battle for the soul of America was over last month, guess again. Emboldened by what they see as a mandate over the election of George W. Bush, state legislators who happen to think we need laws in the bedroom are pushing through their so-called values at the state level.
For example, in the Republic of Texas, conservative Christians want to prevent human cloning in a measure that would also block stem-cell research. In Georgia, they’ve redistricted to get Republicans in control and now hope to limit abortion rights. In Kansas, land of teh crazy, the majority conservatives on the Board of Education are expected to introduce changes to the high school science curriculum challenging the theory of evolution. And in Maryland, it’s the ol’ reliable ban on same-sex marriage.
What do they plan on doing about poverty, unemployment, racism, education (other than getting rid of that ridiculous evolution thingy) and medical costs? I suppose they’ll just let Jesus handle those pesky annoyances.

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