Back to basics

The Republicans have been very good at filtering off public demonstrations of protest from their events. Bush speeches during the election required signed promises that you’d vote for him, and during the Convention they tried very hard to make sure anyone not agreeing with their candidates and views were cordoned off.
So rather than fight the power, a group of protestors wants to start infiltrating and showing a little bit of quiet dissent. First step: Show up at the inaugural parade without signs or banners, get in front, and when the prez passes by turn their backs.
A web site is asking for volunteers to show up in Washington on January 20th and show their disregard for Bush by disregarding him on his crowning day. “Once through security and at the procession, at a given signal, we’ll all turn our backs on Bush. A simple, clear and coherent message.”
If quiet isn’t your thing, you can take part in another group’s plans to be boisterous, rude and generally misbehave during inaugural week in DC — where 91% of voters did not vote for Bush to come stay in their home for another four years.

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