Fly speak

You know how they warn you that using your cell phone while you fly could make you and the rest of teh passengers and the whole plane suddenly become an earthbound missile with no controls? Apparently, it’s all a lie. Which I already knew, having accidentally left my cell phone on more than a couple of times as I fly across the country and look! Still here!
Anyway, the FCC voted unanimously today that airlines can start offering high-speed Internet while flying, and they’re opening up comments from the public about the use of cell phones on planes.
Are the airlines upset about all this? Not so much, it turns out. They’re more worried about the annoyance factor than the possibility of flying the 747 into the Iowa sod. Do we really want 200 passengers all screaming into their cell phones about nothing?
Expect Internet access by 2006. Expect to start using your cell phone around the same time.

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