Silent night, deadly night

A church musical director at The Crystal Cathedral went crazy bananas and started shooting up the place which, if you haven’t experienced it for yourself, is a church that seats 2,900 people and features 10,000 mirrored glass windows. After a nine-hour standoff with police, he shot himself in the head.
Now, how many times have you felt this way? You know, it’s Christmas season, you’re hearing all those godawful carols blaring from every nook and cranny beseeching you to be happy, bright and… well, gay. But not, you know, gay. But anyway, you’re standing there in a huge church a couple of hours before another damned Christmas pageant is going to start blasting those songs at you again. Right? Now, imagine that you’re the musical director and you’re responsible for all of it.
I’m just saying.

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