The virtual island economic bubble

So, um, okay, uh, so, well, where to begin? Okay. So, this guy? Right? Okay, so he really likes playing online games. Like, you know, the ones where people pretend to be someone else and live somewhere else and spend lots and lots of time there pretending that it’s real and shit? But, okay, so, wait… okay, so, what he does though, see, is he pays $26,500 in real cash to but a fake island in this virtual world that doesn’t exist.
Because, wee, what he’ll do, I guess, or something, is… so, he’ll, um, he’ll sell off parts of this idland — that doesn’t exist — to other players who also want, I guess, to spend real money on fake shit that does not exist, I hope I made that part clear, that there’s no island, really, except I guess unless you’re… no, there’s no island. None. There is no island to buy or live upon or sell to others as beachfront property because, as mentioned, there’s no fucking beach either.
If anyone knows this guy, I have some tulip futures he may be interested in. And some Webvan stock. And a Kozmo bag.

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