100% of me thinks Bush is a stupid fuckhead

Here we are, one month from the inauguration and this is how the country apparently feels about the man just elected to another four hears of imbicilic, backwards, assinine, warmongering economic ruin: 51% now say that going to war in Iraq was wrong, 52% think Donald “I am always right even when I’m wrong because I am never wrong” Rumsfeld should resign, 58% say they disapprove of the job the U.S. is doing in Iraq, nearly half now say the situation there is worse than it was a year ago, 4 in 10 said the Iraqi elections won’t make a bit of difference and Bush said that he belives Rumsfeld is “doing a really fine job.
In a separate poll, only 48% of Americans approve of the job Bush is doing, and 56% — a new high — think the Iraq war is not worth fighting.

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