Wedded blitz

Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer will begin hearing arguments tomorrow in San Francisco to decide whether the marriage of two people of the same sex violates the California state constitution by being discriminatory, or if marriage as an institution is so old, worn-out, silly and bound in religious rhetoric that it is beyond mere constitutionality and enters a state above the law, or something.
The state has already banned same-sex marriage twice, first in 1977 in the legislature and again in 2000 with the passage of Proposition 22, but it has not (yet) put it in the constitution. Overeager opponents of gay marriage said in a legal brief, “In endorsing same-sex marriage, law and government will be making a powerful statement: Our government no longer believes children deserve mothers and fathers.” Yes, they actually said that. And also that the marriage of one man to one woman “has transcended religion, culture and time, and is the hallmark of every major civilization.”
Not counting biblical polygamy, it is assumed.

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