No warning

The 9.0 earthquake struck northwest of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean, displacing millions of tons of seawater and shoving the entire island 100 feet over. The resulting tsunami travelled across the ocean at more than 500 mph, striking Sri Lanka two and a half hours after the initial temblor, killing at least 10,000 people in that country alone.
There was no warning at all.
The tsunamis that have killed at least 22,000 and left millions homeless or missing took an hour to reach first landfall in Thailand, but even though there were seismic graphs at the time and that the governments knew about the quake, there are no instruments anywhere in the region that could warn about the resulting tidal waves.
Although people felt the initial quake hit at around 7am Sunday morning, it felt light and non-threatening. When tide and bay waters suddenly started to drain for no reason, many people actually got closer to the shores to watch the weird display, unaware that only minutes later a 20-foot wall of water would devastate everything.

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