4,000 of MJ’s peers

Jury selection for Michael Jackson’s child-molestation trial is set to begin on January 31st, and they’re summoning 4,000 prospective jurors to come and be cros-examined by the attorneys to see who will be the dirty dozen selected to judge Wacko as his equals.
Now, let’s examine exactly what that means. Let’s say you’re Michael Jackson. We’ll assume you aren’t because Michael Jackson reads Boing-Boing as we all know, for its amazing Porn and Disney and Disney Porn coverage. Nevertheless, you’re Michael Jackson and your face is a mess, you’ve admitted you enjoy sleeping with boys, you giggle at the mention of sex, you used to be black and now you’re sort of latte, you dress like Liberace as the captain of the NAMBLove Boat and you expect to be judged by others “just like you!”
On the other hand… is a bedazzled glove. Case closed.

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