Such a deal!

Hey! State or municipal website owner! How much would you pay to get a web site that’s less than 700 pixels wide, affixed to the left side of the screen, contains a header graphic that swings over to a left-side gutter nav scheme and is guaranteed to look exactly like every other state or municipal web site! $10,000? $25,000? $40,000? Well, now you can get it all for free just by entering the “Extreme Website Makeover” contest!
Yes, this template of a site that looks and acts exactly like every other site is valued at over $40,000! And we’ll throw in scripts we developed for other sites, style sheets in the middle of the page and some layer tags at no additional cost!
(Yes, I realize that only a select few web designery people will get the sarcasm, but it’s my birthday so just play along and laugh really loudly for me, ‘kay pumpkin?)

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