Who died and left you king?

Is your favorite part of the Oscars® the yearly salute to all the stars and sub-stars who died in the past year? Or maybe you’re one of those people who revels in knowing whether or not someone’s still breathing when their name comes up in “whatever happened to…?” bar bets.
You’re in luck! The SF Chronicle has gathered all the names of the famous dead from 2004 (even though technically we still have a few days for some lucky celeb to choke on something at a New Year’s Eve bash) so’s we can all collectively sigh and try to remember what we were doing when we heard that Captain Kangaroo was dead.
Or photographer Helmut Newton. Or MTV VJ John “JJ” Jackson. Or Alistair Cooke, who you thought had died years ago. Or Estee Lauder, who you didn’t think was even a real person and more like Betty Crocker, who isn’t dead. Or Tony Randall, who wasn’t gay after all. Or Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, and you wondered whether she felt “acceptance” or just went right past that step and just expired. Or Janet Leigh, who did not die in her shower. And at last we can all answer Frank N Furter’s question, “Whatever happened… to Fay Wray?” Nothing killed her but time.

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