First one to make the “These celebrities were ALREADY washed up!” joke earns their place in hell.

CNN, which sucks SO badly people run from it to go work at FOX, has outdone itself by covering the story we all REALLY want to know about: How did celebrities fare in the tsunamis?

A German statesman, a Czech super model and a Swedish Olympic ski champion were among the vacationers whose search for peace and sun in tropical southern Asia was shattered by the tsunamis that spared neither rich nor poor.

Seriously, a ‘journalist’ wrote that. Now you know that tsunamis spare neither rich nor poor.

Kohl and his entourage were evacuated Tuesday from a hotel by the Sri Lankan air force.

Yes, they DO mean the ENTIRE Sri Lankan air force.*
In all seriousness now; I expect more from a supposedly respectable news service. We’re talking about a tragedy of biblical proportions here. From hearing that the actual fucking planet SHOOK in its orbit, to seeing images of mothers and fathers throwing dead children into mass graves, this is the kind of event that shows us just how fragile our place on this planet is. If you can, please do send some help.
* That joke was actually about the size of the rather small Sri Lankan air force and not a cheap shot at Herr Kohl’s weight. Schnell! Schnell!

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