The high cost of living it up

If you’re like me, every time you watch Emeril Live you get this nagging drive to give a gourmet chef a heart attack. Now you can!
The shrinking value of the dollar against the euro means that truffles now cost $280 for a 7oz. tin. And when you’re the chef at Le Bernardin in New York, every time a customer orders the wild salmon on asparagus, you lose money.
In almost every other way, you and I haven’t been hurt badly by the dollar’s lackluster luster. China’s government is keeping its yuan at the same level as the dollar because we import so much Communist-made crap from them. And because they’re such a big player on the world market, that forces other countries and manufacturers to watch their step or lose out to the competition.
But if your palette cannot live without truffles, foie gras and caviar — now is not the time to be an American.

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