Digitalis mundi

With the Consumer Electronics Show in full swing in Las Vegas, it’s becoming clearer than ever that the future of living room entertainment is digital and computer-driven.
Microsoft hocho Bill Gates opened the annual gadget orgy by announcing a partnership with TiVo whereby TivoToGo programs get sent to Windows-powered portable devices. TiVo, meanwhile, anounced that it’s tired of trying to manage cable company set-top boxes and they’ll introduce a new service package codenamed Tahiti that includes content deliver via broadband, program portability, PC integration and a new HD Digital Cable DVR available in early 2006.
Meanwhile, Americans spent 11% more on consumer electronics in 2004 than they did in 2003, and will probably spend 11% more this year than last year. The big three toys are MP3 players (up 300% to $1.2 billion), memory cards (up 200% to $3 billion), and digital TVs (up 78% to $10.7 billion).

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